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Christoph Bamberg

Greetings and welcome to my webpage, I'm Christoph.
You can find an overview of my skills and experience here.
Please refer to my CV for details.


  • Scientific programming using Python and R.
  • Analysis of behavioural data, EEG data and various physiological measures.
  • Some teaching (e.g. as a tutor for logic and scientific methods)



  • Playing Jazz guitar, organising jam-sessions
  • Hiking along the rivers of Germany and mountains of Austria
  • Improving my freestyle swimming technique

Scientific Outreach


Below you can find a selection of my scientific publications and presentations.

Scientific Publications

Preregistrations of current projects


  • Poster: Cognitive Performance is not Worse When Fasted: A Preregistered Meta-Analysis. SAMBA, Salzburg 2022. Received Poster Prize.
  • Poster: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Temporary Calorie Restriction on Cognitive Performance. Mind Brain Body Symposium 2022. Received Poster Prize.
  • Talk: Developmental trajectories of flexible feedback processing and probabilistic reversal learning from late childhood to adulthood. TeaP 2021.
  • Poster: Fasting and nutrition affect the Loudness Dependence of Acoustic Evoked Potentials. Live MEEG 2020.
  • Talk: Trust is disrupted by physical needs and is payed when it seems worth it. 16th annual conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Science AISC, Rome, 2019